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Thurrock isolated as the rest of Essex supports Option C

ESSEX County Council (ECC) has produced its draft response to the consultation on options for a new Lower Thames Crossing, which will be discussed at a meeting of ECC’s Cabinet on Tuesday 16th July.

The response supports the provision of additional Thames Crossing capacity at Option C – connecting the M2 with the A13 and the M25 between junctions 29 and 30.

Option C is the only option that provides a strategic link between the Channel Ports and the Midlands and the North, and provides improved connectivity to Essex from these locations.

This option also provides new connectivity, improving access to labour markets and providing employment opportunities to support regeneration across the Thames Gateway. It also produces the most significant boost to the local economy and supports the greatest number of jobs, based on DfT analysis and joint studies carried out by ECC and Kent County Council.

As well as expressing this preferred option for the location of the new crossing, ECC’s draft response also calls on the Department for Transport (DfT) to consider the impact that this nationally important strategic link has on the local trunk road network.

ECC is calling for improvements to the junctions of the A13 and A12 with the M25, the A127 with the A130 and the A130 with the A12 to all be considered, as part of a wider package of measures to ensure that journeys in the vicinity of the crossing are also reliable.

County Councillor Rodney L Bass, Cabinet Member for Highways & Transportation said: “We have considered all of the options provided by the DfT in great detail, and have come to the decision that Option C offers the best balance between supporting economic growth, relieving congestion at the existing crossing and providing a new strategic link. However we will also be calling on the DfT to consider the impact this this strategic link will have on the surrounding road network, and the wider package of measures that will be required to ensure that journeys are reliable.”

ECC’s full draft response to the consultation, to be discussed at Cabinet on Tuesday 16th July, is available to read here -


  1. ‘They’ keep on about how option c will bring all this growth, but then route traffic back on to the already at capacity m25 at a new junction near J29. Remembering we will also have a new port to service locally, option c would mean a huge number of freight negotiating our roads until this proposal is resolved. Hardly what id call supporting growth for the local economy! And Port Officials say 50% of freight into the port will be sent via our roads or rail to Europe. Looks like mayhem on the cards for the next 10 or so years, esp at the current crossing. Option D needs to be considered now. The free flow tolls need to be lifted now and J30/31 needs improvement to support the port now. All too late in my eyes – yet again let down big time! More info here >

  2. Essex prefer option c as it does not go through their administrative area. Thurrock will get the full force of any new crossing and option c would devastate a whole swathe of the borough and effectively make Thurrock two halves, both of which would be gridlocked with traffic. It would be interesting to see what Havering Council thinks of the plans considering the new junction with the M25 will be somewhere near North Ockendon.

    The best solution is option d which runs from the hinterlands of North Kent past Gravesend, over Canvey (where a link can be made to DP World and Stanford, and then onto the A130 – a grossly under-used road). This sounds like the 2nd ideal situation after removing the tolls altogether.

  3. Essex county council, controlled by Tories. Kent county council, controlled by Tories. Both want to pursue a motorway supported by a Tory led Government through our lovely Orsett. Orsett Tory voting electorate take note.

  4. c100boyz – they would vote for a hat stand if it wore a blue rosette.

    I hear that Leader of the Conservative group is trying to get himself selected as the candidate for Orsett ward as he fears he will be kicked out of his Stanford East seat – so much for having confidence in his policies and the local Conservative manifesto next year.

    I also hear that Danny Nicklen is going to be a candidate for the Conservatives again.


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