Friday, December 8, 2023

Grays School: The party’s over for “scruffy” staff

THERE SEEMS to be more than one way to skin a cat at Grays School and Media Arts College (now called the Hathaway Academy).

When the under-fire school was looking for academy partners, YT understands that they rejected the Harris Federation as “The Harris Federation may not suit their ethos.”

No, we don’t know what that means either!

So, the Academy Transformation Trust come on board and who do they appoint: the deputy principal from a Harris Federation school.

Sources close to the school have told YT that principal designate, James Howarth has laid down the law to staff regarding dress code.

Despite the stifling heat of the last week, staff have been advised of what is appropriate regarding professional dress code and this was evidenced in recent school trips.

And during the summer, he will no doubt be looking at some of the salaries of staff which, by all accounts, see somewhat generous when compared to other schools.

The school sponsors, the Academy Transformation Trust, also sponsor Mark Hall in Harlow. Over 15 teachers are leaving that beleaguered school today.

With exam results next month anticipated to be “challenging”, some staff may be called in and asked that pointed question: “Is this school the best place to develop your career…..?”


  1. This is absolutely disgusting. Wanting staff to act in a professional manner and produce results. I’m sure the union activists wil have something to say about this. I predict a walk out.

  2. The fact that a) this needed to happen and b) you could never imagine this happening in the council was in charge are the exact reason I support the academy programme.

  3. I think it now time for Local Authorities to relinquish control of School across the country and a new Education Department be set up to move schools forward, the LEA have lost touch with educational matters and are more concerned on the political motivations behind schools.

    It has been proven that the schools that have left the LEA control and moved into either free schools or academies have progressed.

  4. @Lambo. Spoken like a true non-educator. The LA does what the DfE requires. That’s where you should target your comments. As a matter of interest, I wonder why some academies are now looking to come back under LA control. Hmmmmm…

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