Monday, December 4, 2023

Council leaders clash over “leaked information” on Cllr Baldwin

A WAR OF words broke out in the council chamber over how details into an alleged benefits payment irregularities in relation to Tilbury councillor, Claire Baldwin were leaked to the Thurrock Gazette.

Cllr John Kent was responding to a question from Conservative leader, Phil Anderson in relation to the investigation.

Cllr Kent firstly informed him that investigations into the benefits payments (by Epping District Council) were still ongoing.

Cllr Kent then informed the chamber that the circumstances had been sent to the Information Commissioner.

Cllr Kent told the meeting that details of the alleged breach were seen on an e-mail by Gazette reporters and by Cllr Anderson.

Cllr Kent said: “As you (Cllr Anderson) have admitted seeing the e-mail, I am sure you will co-operate fully with the Information Commissioner on the investigation.”

Cllr Baldwin did shout from the back of the chamber: “This is all getting boring..”


  1. I have to say as an elected Councillor you have to be “whiter than white”.
    But for Cllr Anderson to keep up the questions although I think is right and correct maybe look at your own before trying to take on others i.e. Cllr Redsell???

    But clearly questions have to be answered and if she is not guilty then the person whom sent it to the gazette should be in prison. However if she has done fraud she should leave her position and be sent to prison like anybody else should be

  2. If it’s all so boring there can’t be a case to answer. So why don’t Epping Forest Council, Councillor Baldwin and the great leader give everyone a full explanation rather than drag this out until the next elections are due.

    Isn’t it strange that the changing of one seat on the council will mean the end of Labours grip on power and the fact that public inquiries into the Iraq war and the hacking by newspapers move at a quicker pace than investigations into Labour councillors.

    If it’s all so boring Councillor Baldwin, give us the real story.

  3. Oh here we go again with the Redsell nonsense. Shelley, you’re up mate!

    Not sure Cllr Anderson has admitted to seeing anything, certainly its not what he said on the recording.

  4. So hot press is councillor Baldwin entirely innocent of fraud? If she is then the great leader should say so and end the speculation which has now gone on for ten months and beggars belief if it is the case that there is no evidence to prove that said councillor has been falsely accused.

    Why don’t you pop along to the great leader and ask him to make a deal with Anderson. Get the police to take over the investigation into councillor Baldwin and if the police come up with nothing then we can all move along, nothing to see here. Or do we not believe that the police would carry out a fair and impartial investigation.

  5. It is not for Cllr Kent to decide if Cllr Baldwin is innocent of fraud or not.

    It is for the other Local Authorities Fraud Department to prove fraud took place and prosecute her and for a Jury to find her guilty.

    There could be 4 possible outcomes from this investigation.

    1) Case dropped – lack of evidence.
    2) Prosecution and criminal record and possible jail sentence if found guilty.
    3) Administrative Penalty – if a claimant accepts this they pay a ‘fine’ but there is no criminal record.
    4) An overpayment – no criminal record – claimant pays back overpayment.

  6. If Cllr Anderson was sent the information anonymously in an email or was sent printed copies of emails I would hope he would have reported these to Thurrock’s Legal Department immediately…

    …and not run to the press to score some political points and stir things up while smearing a fellow councillor who may or may not be guilty of anything.

    Do you think Thurrock’s Legal Department will do anything regarding Cllr Anderson? They hardly have an outstanding records tackling theft and corruption do they?

  7. Ed you know and I know Thurrock’s legal Department is a joke it should be called Thurrock’s illegal Department and that’s how it will carry on, till enough people get together and do something about it I think it would be a good idea for CIIr Baldwin to make a complaint against Anderson directly to the police thus taking the legal Department out of the equation then perhaps something might get done, I think Ed it is obvious that the information contained in the e-mail emanated from the council offices how much effort do you think they will put into finding precisely where it come from?

  8. Oh hot press you’re accusing me of meltdown? You’re the one who resorts to super long non un-punctuated sentences every time I call out the Redsell bashing brigade. It goes without saying that she’s been investigated several times and no-one has ever found any evidence of wrongdoing, Baldwin is currently under a first investigation, but who needs facts when you can just say “Redsell”…

    Back to my original point… John Kent says Anderson has seen an email. The Gazette say they showed Anderson an email. At no point (either on Wednesday or in the original Gazette story) has Anderson admitted to see an email. Maybe he didn’t see an email?

  9. Descamisados
    I would disagree, Thurrock’s legal Department declined to investigate CIIr Redsell into the matter of the wooden hut, she was also suspended from the planning committee by CIIr Anderson so as to your comment she has never been caught doing any wrongdoing is a bit misleading and disingenuous

  10. Funnily enough when I want to find out what happened, I look for news articles. I have no interest in having a look at a youtube video of a photo with some accompanying innuendo, but thanks anyway.

    So let’s get this straight, you criticise Anderson for not dealing with the Joy Redsell situation, and then you post a comment that accepts Anderson dealt with the Joy Redsell situation. I don’t understand your point – a minor breach of a code of good practice is a hanging offence to you?

  11. I got myself a new frying pan at the weekend -it’s covered in Teflon – nothing sticks – it’s wonderful.

  12. hot press – The Legal Department at Thurrock Council has a naughty step for misbehaving Councillors.

    I have every faith that the highly paid Council flunkies that run Thurrock’s Legal Department are keeping everything tickety boo and if they say no naughtiness occurred then of course we must accept unquestioningly that no Councillors has been a very very naughty munchkin.

    There are National rules in place to stop Councillors voting for their partners Planning Application or vote for a Planning Application where the applicant has given them free gifts, free hospitality and a free holiday. That would be a very very naughty thing and somewhat foolish thing to do. Corrupt even – possible a jailable offence even!

    Anyway there is no naughtiness at Thurrock Council regarding past planning applications – the Legal Department says so so they must be right – so move along folks – there is nothing to see.

    I really must get myself some whitewash – I need to paint the inside of my garage.

  13. Mike I asked you as a gentleman to get back to me and explain yourself watch out you did not I suggest you watch out for a very interesting youtube story very shortly which I’ll link to your site


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