Friday, December 8, 2023

Mobile Explorer®: New app launched in Chelmsford

“IT WAS over seven years ago that the Pixelwork team met at Davy Down Park with the then minister, David Miliband to show him the Mobile Explorer®.

Since then, mobile technology gurus, Pixelwork have formed a new company in partnership with developers Something Labs called Mobile Explorer® ,  specifically focused on  developing travel apps across the country (including Thurrock).

The latest is in the city of Chelmsford. Chelmsford has many hidden treasures and the Visit Chelmsford Mobile Explorer® travel app helps unlock them.

One happy customer said: “I did the entire tour around Chelmsford. It is so clever. The bus and train times are also incredibly useful and it tells you EVERYTHING that is on around the town: news, events, museums, the lot.

“I strongly recommend.”

A spokesperon for Mobile Explorer®  said: “We are very pleased with the response in Chelmsford. We are also launching it across 22 locations in Europe and a new project at six locations across the Thames Estuary path.”

Download the Chelmsford App here


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