Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tories question budget that “doesn’t add up”

LABOUR’S claim that council spending has come in on budget ‘doesn’t add up’, according to senior Conservatives.

Presenting a report on the Council’s finances, the Council Leader Cllr John Kent suggested Thurrock Council has come in on budget in the last three years. However, detailed analysis of the council’s accounts shows that Thurrock Labour overspent last year in a number of areas but covered this up by under spending in other departments.

Commenting after the meeting, Deputy Leader of the Conservatives Cllr Rob Gledhill said “I can’t believe Cllr Kent has the cheek to suggest that council spending came in on budget last year. The only sense in which that claim is even vaguely true is if you look at the topline figure, but if you review the details it’s clearly nonsense.”

Documents published by the Council show that there were overspends of £3 million on children’s social care and £2.9 million in Corporate Growth and Savings. Thurrock Conservatives have also identified a number of other overspends including £100,000 in legal services, one of the many services Labour-run Thurrock share with London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to save money. These have been offset with savings to make the overall picture look better than it truly is.

Cllr Gledhill added “Whilst it might be normal practice move money about to make ends meet, to continue to crow on that that you are on budget is just more Labour spin to kid residents into thinking they are in control of the purse strings. Thurrock Labour has an odd notion that delivering the budget solely consists of spending a large amount of taxpayers’ money rather than supplying a level of service needed in the community. As we’ve seen all too often, Labour’s spending record doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and the sums just don’t add up.”


  1. Tories carping again. Total budget £139.3m, total spend £139.3m. Underspend in some areas e.g Treasury, finance and governance match overspends in some demand led areas e.g. Children services. Shock horror let’s run off and do a press release! Crap story! Cllr Gledhill has been smoking those funny fags again.

  2. Cllr Rob Gledhil it is a pity this member was not so vigilant when Gary Haig
    nearly bankrupt the Council when he was leader of Thurrock Council


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