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West Tilbury WI: July report

By Joy Ridgewell

THE arranged speaker was unable to attend and his place was taken by London Blue Badge holder and retired City of London Police Officer Eleanor Bloom who gave a talk and showed slides of Old London focusing on the history of Newgate Prison and the Old Bailey. She told of the Executions and the ways these were carried out. In past times if a prisoner was condemned he spent his time held in the condemned cell for three Sundays after the trial until he was executed, unless someone paid to get the prisoner pardoned.

Public hangings were held at Tyburn and thousands turned out to see this, Innkeepers did a good business and rooms were let in view of the gallows to house anyone who could pay, a breakfast of devilled kidneys was thrown in with the price. With the crowds street urchins were rife to pick pockets some were paid to hang on to the feet of the condemned to hasten his death. This is most likely where the saying “Hang On a Minute “came from. Eleanor was an excellent speaker with an interesting tale to tell.

Thank you cards were read out by the President Margaret Clamp and Secretary Denise Nice from the visiting institute members that attended the July birthday party.

Names were taken for a Bat Walk on the 23rd August and a McMillan fund raising Coffee Day is to be held by Joanne Phillips on Sat 28th September.

Jane Woodman won £20 on a scratch card given with her WI birthday card.

A glass of sherry was given to members by Dorothy Haws to celebrate her 90th Birthday.

The competition was also won by Dorothy Haws with a Historic Naval photo album.

Raffle prizes were won by Lorna Jones, Liz Wakefield and Joanne Phillips.

The next WI meeting at West Tilbury Village Hall is on September 3rd 7pm -9-30pm
Speaker: Jenny Willison Magnetic TNA


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