Thursday, May 30, 2024

Child arsonists set fire to fields in Chadwell

FIRE CREWS tackled a fire in a one acre field in Chadwell St Mary. Crews used one hose reel jet and backpack sprayers to fight the blaze.

Crews had extinguished the fire near to Wickham Road by 13:23hrs.

Sub Officer Kevin Hercock said: “Crews did a fantastic job in stopping this fire. The wind picked up and was blowing the fire towards fields of standing corn. If the fire had reached those fields it could have raged for hours destroying mile after mile of corn fields.

“We used one hose reel jet, beaters and water backpacks to contain and extinguish the fire.

“Had it not been for the hard work of crews this could have become an extremely large and fierce blaze.

“The fire had been started deliberately by children. It shows how in dry conditions like this even the smallest fire has the potential to cause a huge amount of destruction.”


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