Friday, March 1, 2024

Aveley by-pass closed after head-on collision

THE AVELEY BY-pass has been closed after a head on collision involving two cars.

The collision between a Lexus and a VW Polo occurred after 9am on Saturday morning.

The B1335 Aveley By-Pass in Aveley closed in both directions between the Romford Road junction and the Stifford Road junction.


  1. I’m not in the least surprised at this incident.
    The 30mph limit order on the bypass for safety around the ‘temporary’ bridge support structure ‘expected’ that the work would be complete by 23rd December last year. Nothing has been done to even start to permanently repair this bridge. The 30mph limit is generally ignored as are the temporary traffic lights for one way alternate working.
    Everyone who has used the bypass has seen vehicles coming down from the Sandy Lane/Romford Road roundabout drive past a red traffic light to zoom into, straight across, and out of the Leisure Centre slip roads to continue. Why have these offences not been enforced?
    Any prosecution in this matter should also cite Thurrock Council for aiding and abetting the offence.
    When is the bridge to be repaired? Will the housing development be finished first? And even if not I guess the 30mph limit will have to remain for site traffic to and from that awkward access road junction 30 yards from the Stifford Road roundabout.
    Another Thurrock shambles.


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