Monday, May 27, 2024

Thurrock Courts Players wow Edinburgh Festival audiences

By Maria Anderson

THE Thurrock Court Players brought Luke Coldham’s play SAFE to the Edinburgh fringe festival in the intimate setting of Theatre 3 in the Surgeons Hall.

The play is set in claustrophic atmosphere of a sealed bank vault that had been accidently shut behind our three wannabe bank robbers who were planning the heist as a final hurrah to set them up for their retirement.

This classic one scene crime study was brought to life by three very fine actors whose characters are left to reflect on their lives and their futures as the minutes and hours of their incarceration tick by.

Through a series of scenes we find out more about each of the characters, that at first, seem like they belong to a hapless chapter of the Lavender Hill Mob.

There is the ‘potty mouthed leader’ Tom played by Vic Gray, a thoroughly nasty piece of work (by his own admission), who creates most of the drama and tension. His accomplices are the deadpan, not quite the full picnic, Dick, played with great pathos by Martyn Williamson, and the lovable rogue Harry (John Scowen) with his multiple personalities who provides much of the comedy in the piece.

The story unfolds into a bitter sweet comedy. Some of the jokes are older than Methuselah, but in total context of the age and stage our protagonists find themselves at in their unfulfilled lives.

The play is peppered with laugh out loud moments especially when one of Harry’s personalities ‘comes out to play’ but there is a thread of darkness that unravels into the final shocking scene.

The Thurrock Court Players were on top of their game tonight and entertained us to a tour de force.


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