Speedway: Karlsson hurt as Hammers go down in Norfolk

Report courtesy of www.lakesidehammers.co.uk

THE Vortex Hammers battled to earn a point tonight eventually losing 48-42 to King’s Lynn at The Norfolk Arena, in a meeting which saw Hammers number one Peter Karlsson taken to hospital after a nasty crash in heat 15.

After the Hammers opened up an initial 8 point lead after 6 heats, the home team fought back with three successive 5-1 heat advantages. A series of shared heats and a further 5-1 in heat 13, left the Hammers 8 points adrift before reserve Richard Lawson, top scoring for The Hammers, led from tapes to flag in heat 14 with Lewis Bridger taking third to reduce the deficit to 6 and leave the Hammers in with a shout of a point.

Heat 15 saw home rider Rory Schlein excluded as the cause of the stoppage, which saw Karlsson taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The resulting re-run confirmed the away point for the Hammers, but on a night which also saw Captain Davey Watt and reserve Kevin Doolan take tumbles, the main thoughts will be with PK.

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