Thursday night rush hour woes blamed on sheer volume of traffic

WE ARE SURE the first thing on your mind as you were stuck in rush hour traffic on the west side of the borough was “How am I going to get home?” but many people were also wondering what caused the snarl up that affected every major road and many many minor roads.

But having spoken to the Highways Agency and Essex Police it looks like it was simply a case of sheer volume of traffic.

Delays stretched for miles in both directions at the Dartford crossing in both Kent and Essex as it took drivers two hours to cross the Thames.

The Highways Agency say an Essex Police incident on the A1306 in Thurrock was the root cause.

A spokesman said this incident caused delays on the A13 – and in turn, at the Junction 30 roundabout near Lakeside – which then stretched back onto the M25.

He said: “At 7.15pm there were reports of delays of two hours.”

However, he stressed that: “The queues didn’t quite hit the criteria to suspend the tolls.

“We were monitoring the situation throughout to see whether it required the tolls to be lifted.”

But Essex Police say there was no obvious incident or crash on the A1306 that caused the tailbacks.

A spokesperson said: “There were just massive amounts of traffic.

“Everybody wanted to get into Kent or Essex at the same time.”

Queues stretched back beyond Junction 4 of the anticlockwise M25 at Orpington and as far as Junction 29 at Romford in Essex.

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