William Edwards’ exam results: Only sing when you’re winning?

THE FAMOUS sports college has a proud reputation for sporting excellence. It also has a proud and justified reputation for shouting it from the rooftops. Whether it is beating all before them locally or indeed, (as often happens) competing nationally.

But, this year, there seems to be a deafening radio silence when it comes to this years tranche of exam results.

For newspapers, the exam days are spent frantically logging A level, GCSE results as well as quotes from school staff and the relevant politicians.

With all the results in bar William Edwards, we just noted that the results were pending and left it at that.

A week later, we looked at the exam specials published by both the Thurrock Gazette and Thurrock Enquirer. In depth on each school apart from…William Edwards.

YT sent a number of e-mails to the principal, Mr Steven Munday simply asking what for the results were. We have (at time of publication) not received a reply.

Sources close to the school have told YT that the results are: 63% of students gained 5 A* to C (in English and Maths). That is a drop of 8% from 2012.

If this is true, it still puts the school 4th in the table behind St Clere’s, Gable Hall and Harris Academy and ahead of Hassenbrook and Grays Convent.

But perhaps the more pertinent figure appears to be in English, where (according to our source) the school has seen a calamitous drop from 78% of all students passing in 2012 to only 66% in 2013.

Being such a sporty school, it has been suggested that the school may be advised to do what they do in cricket and use the DRS system and get all the results overturned on appeal.

Others have suggested that, keeping the cricket metaphor going, they may be advised at such times to bring on the spinners.

It does seem a shame that the students did not get their day of publicity like every other school but then again, the head needs to ensure the best statistical return possible. Last week, the head of one academy resigned following a set of poor GCSE results.

It will be interesting to see if the school has put in an appeal to the exam board. That will be the Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC). No, we don’t know either why a school in Stifford Clays is under an exam board 200 miles away.


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