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Council no plans to turn off the lights

THURROCK COUNCIL bosses have indicated that they have no plans to turn off the street lights in Thurrock.

The matter came to light as Essex County Council (ECC) have announced a series of cuts to lighting in Essex.

ECC now plans to roll out part-night street-lighting in eight districts and boroughs by February 2014.

The current schedule for switching ECC-owned street-lights to part-night lighting is as follows:
· Basildon & Colchester – 1 November 2013
· Epping Forest & Castle Point – 1 December 2013
· Rochford & Tendring – 1 January 2014
· Brentwood & Harlow – 1 February 2014

Portfolio holder, cllr Andy Smith said: “Despite the plans being rolled out over Essex, we have no plans to do the same in Thurrock.


  1. I actually think there is merit in turning off the street lights in the dead of the night. On many many roads there is no need for lighting past midnight.

    I would leave the lights on at main road junctions, town centres, near train stations but turn them off down your average road from midnight until 6am. It would save the council money and would save energy.

    Another idea would be to turn every third light off if the council favoured leaving lights on…this would still save money and energy.

  2. Why not just replace all the bulbs with energy saving ones? Of course, the lights would have to be turned on earlier so that the illumination would reach the required levels by the required time 😀

    Seriously though, turning the lights off on even minor roads only could cause a situation that may endanger the lives of residents in those areas. Burglary may increase as residences are left in darkness, making it easier for burglars to hide in the open. People who breakdown may be left vulnerable in darkened streets. And if there is anyone out there who, like me, walks the streets in the middle of the night because they can’t sleep or have a desperate need to get out of the house due to their mental health condition, they too will be left vulnerable.

    I agree that there needs to be some saving made to council energy bills but not at the expense of public safety – no matter how few people it may actually affect.


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