Stanford community leader reflects on a tale of two planning issues

By Terry Piccolo

“I have been involved in two planning issues relating to Stanford Le Hope this week, one being the Butts Lane development by Barrett Homes and the other The Squibb Group Planning Inquiry and the different approaches taken by

Barrett’s and Squibb’s is like the difference between chalk and cheese.

Barrett Homes obtained planning permission back in 2012 and other than the usual reserved matters which were dealt with this week had the go ahead to build 350 homes along Butts Lane.

Throughout the planning process Barrett’s have engaged with local residents, R.A.I.D. and the Stanford Forum, I cannot remember the number of meetings I have had with them, even up until last week they were still willing to listen meeting with the Forum and individual local residents and whilst we did not get everything the local residents wanted they did make some concessions. They have been prepared to engage and that is to be applauded.

“Contrast Barrett Home’s approach to that of the Squibb Group. Local residents have been up in arms about their operations down Wharf Road since not long after Squibb purchased the site in 2008, HGV’s started trundling along Wharf Road as early as 4.15 am in the morning, huge abnormal loads started to congest the road and on occasions block Wharf Rd for up to an hour at a time.

“Local residents formed into a group to try to improve their situation and enlisted the help of the Stanford Forum. That was 4 years ago, how many meetings have The Squibb Group had with the local residents group or the Stanford Forum to try to overcome these problems NONE and therein lies the problem.

“Barrett who had already obtained permission still willing to engage with the community and The Squibb Group who have been operating without permission for 4 years completely ignoring the local community, I hope it comes back to bit them”.

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