Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tories focus on “London Borough of Thurrock” fears

THE CONSERVATIVE campaign to win the by-election in Stifford Clays is focussing on concerns that Thurrock could become a London borough.

The issue has been a concern for the Thurrock Conservatives ever since the chief executive of Thurrock Council, Graham Farrant became joint boss of Thurrock and Barking and Dagenham.

Others pointed out that the assistant chief executive, Steve Cox was described at the recent Opportunity Thurrock event as the “CEO of Thurrock Council”.

The campaign contrasts with the grass-roots candidate and campaign of Labour and the euro-centric campaign of UKIP candidate, Clive Broad.


  1. Funny how the Thurrock Tories are taking this issue as the main topic of their campaign, as sharing of council services with other councils is the brainchild of Communities secretary and neighbouring MP for Brentwood, Eric Pickles. To become a London borough would be the biggest change in local government for decades and would need Government legislation, something which would never happen. Could the Tories be scaremongering???

  2. I recall a rather childish and immature leaflet written by Cllr Rob Gledhill 5 or 6 years ago that warned Thurrock Residents of evil Ken Livingstones desire to annexe Thurrock with London and plans for Oyster card readers at the train stations and congestion charge signs on the A13 were proof of his insidious plans! This leaflet had a picture of Ken Livingstone in a bin.

    I saw the Danny Nicklen leaflet when I was in Stifford last week and can only conclude they have a joke candidate and joke leaflets and have already given up as they conclude it is a two horse race betwean Labour and UKIP.

    I wonder which clown wrote that leaflet and which joker approved it for distribution? Of all the woes facing Thurrock the main plank of the by election campaign is this!

    And as jonno66 points out – the shared services with other local authorities was the brainchild of Eric Pickles. If I recall Eric Pickles recently praised Labour controlled Thurrock Council for their shared services with Barking & Dagenham.

  3. You should be so lucky I have to vote on the 17th,so the choice is a Labour Candidate who seems totally out of her depth,a Tory candidate scaremongering about Thurrock reverting to a London Borough,and a Ukip candidate who’s parties main purpose is to campagin for our withdrawal from Europe which is,totally irrelevant in a local election.

    What to do,? my gut feeling is to put “none of the above” on the ballot paper but then that is a waste of my vote. Oh dear Oh dear!! what a stupefying predicament.

  4. These are the UKIP results in Thursdays by-elections:-

    Aylesbury Vale, Oakfield – UKIP 27.8% – They came 2nd

    East Lindsey, Chapel St Leonards – UKIP 20% from nowhere – they came 2nd

    St Edmunsbury, Abbeygate – UKIP 10% from nowhere

    Tauton Deane, Halcon – UKIP 22,5% from nowhere – they came 2nd

    UKIP came 2nd in 3 of 4 by-elections.

  5. So no seats gained then!

    A lot of wasted votes, just like the old Liberals!!

    That’s democracy I guess.

  6. Ed – UKIP seem to have gained momentum via protest votes, not through strong political ties with the electorate. Though this formula may win them some seats, the whole ‘protest vote to knock out Labour and the Tories’ only works on polling day – these people will realise they have to put up with these UKIP councillors for four years, with policies that are either Tory policies that Lib Dems refused masqueraded as their own, or better yet, reveal to the public that there only semblance of an electoral promise is the phrase ‘get out of the EU’ written on the back of a bubblegum wrapper.

  7. Hilda how do you suggest that people send a message to the three main parties that none of them are doing what the majority wants them to do. Do we do what certain Labour councillors condoned a couple of years ago and try to burn down towns and cities? Or does the public adopt the most time efficient, effective and easiest way of sending a message to those people that laughingly tell us they govern this country, at all levels, that they aren’t getting their vote and that may have the consequence of them losing their cushy living. It may only be a protest and people voting UKIP may only concentrate on two issues but, those issues are issues that have an ever increasing influence on the basics of life like decent affordable housing, jobs, the future security of this country and a number of other issues. I doubt you could write the far reaching effects of those issues on a bubblegum wrapper.


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