Friday, June 14, 2024

Blogpost: Should you be allowed to take your dog to work?

HR expert, Malcolm Louth asks the question that has been dogging him….

I’M a real fan of sharing knowledge, and of being able to openly ask others for their views, input or even expertise. It figures then that I’m also a fan of forums, and often take part in specialist groups looking to do just that.

A little while ago, whilst reading through a number of blog posts, I stumbled across a new forum post, posing the following question:

“Should HR allow employees to bring their dogs to work”

I will say upfront that I decided not to contribute to the topic there and then! Whilst I had decided to refrain, there were others had entered into the debate, outlining the various pro’s and con’s for allowing this to be the case.

My thoughts were focussed on something quite different to the question posed however;

-Are there not bigger issues for HR and the business to be considering at this time?
-Why is this exclusively a challenge for HR to consider?
-What impact does this question have on business leaders perceptions of the mindset of HR?

I’m not against the idea, or even against dogs (photo above is of my own!), but I do think I would rather focus my own time and effort (and that of our clients) on areas which are really going to drive the business, and it’s people, forward.

So, what do you think? Be honest! Should this even be a topic of conversation right now?

Tweet your thoughts to @PeopleFreshLtd or email me at – I’m really interested to know!

What I do know is that if you’re looking for someone to help you consider these issues, peoplefresh is probably not the ideal match for you. If you’re looking for someone to have a commercial outlook, a true passion for engaging and enabling people, and a whole kitbag of tools to unlock the potential of your people – call us straight away.

And finally, for those who will no doubt be concerned, our dog is very relieved to have the cone removed!

Malcolm Louth
founder, peoplefresh HR


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