Monday, July 15, 2024

Asian community learn all about recycling

ON Monday, Thurrock Council’s waste and recycling education officer, Alli Stanford spoke with the Thurrock Asian Association about recycling.

It is the first time that such a talk has been given to the association and those who attended brought along an array of recyclable and non-recyclable items that people all too often confuse when it comes to the “what bin to put it in?” question.

Alli helped the group work out what bin – blue, brown, grren/grey – plastic fruit punnets and polystyrene go in and learned lots of new words along the way, including that the Chinese for paper is Zhi and that Vahaka baiga means carrier bag in Hindi.

If recycling gets you confused there is an A-to-Z waste and recycling guide available online at and all the council’s web pages can be translated into over 50 different languages online too.


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