“Anger” as anti-racism campaigner departs

ruthjTHE boss of an anti-racism organisation has left.

Ruth Juett has been at the head of Thurrock Racial Unity Support Trust (Trust) for over seven years.

Ms Juett was seen as very much the public face of the organisation that has seen the BME population in Thurrock increase by 1500% in ten years.

Whether Ms Juett departed on her own terms is a moot point.

A twitter account in the name of Ruth Juett tweeted: “Oh well been made redundamt (sic) whilst off sick! Beware if you are over 60, woman etc. Lovely people after 7 yeats (sic) blood sweat an tears!”

A spokesperson has told YT that this was not the case.

TRUST hosted a Black History Month concert at the weekend.



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