Monday, July 15, 2024

Council officer in hot water over Aveley planning gaffe

A THURROCK Council education officer has been disciplined after failing to submit information regarding a controversial planning issue.

Eagle-eyed former leader of the council, Garry Hague quizzed leader of the council John Kent on the matter at full council this week.


  1. Very strange!

    The Education Dept failed to comment on the applicaion – see below, taken from the agenda item for the meeting which took place on 26 September :

    4.15 Education:
    No reply received.

    I understand that the officer has been disciplined, but what about the planning officer dealing with this important application?

    Why did he not follow up the “no reply received”? An application for 501 properties is bound to have some educational implications and the planning officer should be experienced enough to follow up a no response. Very poor!

  2. Child numbers have always been under estimated in Thurrock. Seem to recall a few years ago asking why the numbers of assumed children was always lower than the actual children – answer was they were using a national model on assumed child numbers per type of home built and the model didn’t take into account that many of the homes would be occupied by ethnic minority families who have on average a larger number of children or who would occupy a 2 bed flat with 3 or 4 children. I wonder if they have changed the assumed child numbers per new homes built to take into account the ethnic diversity of Thurrock? This does have long term impact becasue if you under estimate the child numbers when they finally build thousands of new homes you end up with children with no classroom or schools that can take them.


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