Saturday, March 2, 2024

Ockendon resident angry at police response to fireworks

Dear Editor,

I WOULD to express my anger and frustration at the response I received from Essex Police when I rang to complain about youths letting off fireworks.

Before I begin, I want to state that I have the utmost respect for the police but the attitude this evening (Friday) of Essex Police Control and in particular the “idiot” that phoned from Ockendon Police station was beyond belief.

Youths were letting off fireworks at angles to the point where they were bouncing off houses, across the railway and hit one of the cars in the street.

I felt this was anti-social behaviour and dangerous. I appreciate that they will have a high volume of calls but felt that something needed to be done.

The police response was and I quote: “Well they have to come down somewhere Mr Boatman!”

I pointed out that they were effectively aiming them at targets. The response was that “Nine times out of 10, Mr Boatman it’s them that will get hurt.”

Well I hope the one in ten person that is burned, scarred or killed understands and that’s if they don’t burn down a house.

Police are there to protect the public and maintain the peace. Not sit in a station and try and avoid attending jobs. You will then use the “low number of jobs attended” in a press release to give the impression you are clamping down on anti-social behaviour.

I appreciate that there are police cuts but that does not mean you simply don’t do your job.

No smokescreens in South Ockendon please.

Kind regards

Neill Boatman

Ockendon resident


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