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Thanks from new councillor for Stifford Clays

An open letter from councillor Sue Shinnick

“I am writing to thank the residents of Stifford Clays for showing their support for me as their new Councillor. It is an honour to serve a community that I am so passionate about. I also hope to live up to the legacy of Councillor Diana Hale who worked so hard for so many in Stifford Clays and across the Borough.

“I promise that I will continue to work hard for residents and build upon the good work that Councillor Angie Gaywood is already doing. In the current climate we face many challenges but by working together with residents there is nothing we can’t achieve.

“Finally, I would like to thank all of the council staff involved in the by-election for their hard work and professionalism.”


  1. Most Labour supporters are resigned to the fact she’s a dullard. Blinding, another 12 grand down the drain.

  2. NoVoice is only the Tories didn’t choose as a candidate who enjoys a bottle or three of free wine while acting as escort to the Deputy Mayor and then abuse and threaten a pub landlord and then the Conservatives had a Mickey Mouse campaign allowing Labour to hold the seat.

    Perhaps the Conservatives should choose local talent rather than trying to give a job to one of the ‘boys’ – or electorally damaged goods. Despite there being a queue of people getting behind and giving the Tory candidate a hand the local electorate were either indifferent or didn’t want to get out in greater numbers for him to win – his past reputation and media coverage is obviously an electoral liability – the same can be said when the Deputy Mayor involved in this scandal stood in Stanford West – he failed to take the seat and Labour held it.

    The Tories obviously haven’t learned the lesson that choosing and standng the individules made the main fall guys in ‘Winegate’ won’t win them the seat.

  3. I Like most of the electorate of Thurrock don’t go into much detail about the campaigns run in local elections. The fact that the Labour party run a vigorous campaign in this one is probably more to do with the fact that they knew the result would end up with a number of them losing their allowances for holding portfolio’s, not least the glorious leader. They can’t get the cash in their pockets quick enough. I don’t much care who the Tories put up as a candidate. They never lowered peoples council tax bills when they were in office and did anyone notice much of a change in service levels. No. The inertia at Thurrock Council is to do with the fact that from the council leader to the CEO, nobody cares much about the electorate until it has the potential to affect them financially. They cover their statutory backs and the rest don’t matter. Thurrock is a dump now and most people know it and the council don’t care until it’s their cash on the line and not the taxpayers.

  4. Ed

    The Tories lost Stifford Clays as they were coming from so far behind that it would have been difficult for them to win it regardless of who the candidate was, and I doubt most the public cared about winegate. I actually think the Tories did extremely well in coming such a close second and without UKIP I think they may have taken it…just.

    The national Tories are increasingly appearing like members of New Labour and seem to be scared of doing anything remotely conservative at all. If people are put off the national party then it makes it more difficult to win votes for the same party locally.

    On both a national and local scale the Tories will continue to lose votes to UKIP. UKIP are Thatcherite (ish) Conservatives so the Tories who attack UKIP have either been hit by the stupid stick or are just not that Conservative anyway, like Cameron – more of a social domocrat, or a wet, to use Thatcher era language.

    The Stanford West issue was the Tories own fault with a seemingly popular independant standing against an ex councillor which split the vote allowing former Tory Hipsey to win there again.

    As for No Voices comment about Thurrock being a dump…the reality is Labour authorities in my experience do not ever improve their areas as it is not beneficial for them to do so. Things that they have to do will be done using a drip system ie very very slowly. Thurrock will never prosper a great deal if people keep electing Labour. Labour thrives off poverty and dependence not enterprise and aspiration hence why Thurrock (and Harlow) are constantly playing catch up with the rest of Essex.

  5. I don’t say Thurrock is a dump with a great deal of satisfaction. It is better than a number of places not far from the doorstep. Barking and Dagenham springs to mind. I think most people know why it has become a dump. In fact Probably certain areas of Thurrock more than others. Some areas are still quite nice places to live. In general though, most people now shrug their shoulders to the inevitability of an ever decreasing quality of life. I am amazed at the number of houses that are now advertised for sale or let in run down areas of London. HMO’s are on the increase. Dodgy landlords renting to anyone who’ll pay the cash. Thurrock is a London Borough with all the joys that brings. Education is crap, healthcare is crap, roads are crap, housing is expensive and out of reach of young people. Most people won’t walk the streets after dark unless they’re in a group. It is true that Labour don’t want this area to prosper because it doesn’t suit their agenda to have affluent people in Thurrock. But will the Tories do any different. I doubt it. They show no sign of it locally.

  6. superman – He was the Deputy Mayors consort on that night of infamy and shame, drunken shenanigans and oral abuse.

  7. Was they doing the Congo? Or was it a wheel barrow race? Danny don’t Mind as long as you don’t push him past he’s mothers house


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