Saturday, June 22, 2024

Cupcakegate?: Police investigate alleged electoral irregularities in Stifford Clays

YT understands that Essex Police has been called into to investigate a possible criminal offence in relation to the Stifford Clays by-election.

The investigation may well be centred on an allegation that during campaigning in October, Labour distributed cakes to residents of the ward of Stifford Clays.

The law states that: “A person is guilty of treating if either before, during or after an election they directly or indirectly give or provide any food, drink, entertainment or provision to corruptly influence any voter to vote or refrain from voting. Treating requires a corrupt intent – it does not apply to ordinary hospitality.”

The by-election was won by Labour’s Sue Shinnick.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Essex Police is investigating an allegation of treating in Thurrock.”


  1. I am furious about this story………..I never got tea and cakes by my local candidate, what is going on 🙂

  2. Some things are just too incredulous. I can imagine the person that made this complaint sitting in a corner with their legs crossed and sucking their thumb.

  3. Can votes be purchased for a bribe of a mere cupcake in Thurrck?

    Perhaps Jackie Doyle-Price should open a bakery in Grays High Street as part of her re-election campaign.

  4. Stealing Council artwork – ignored.
    Having secret meetings with planning applicants – ignored.
    Giving council contracts to relatives – and failing to declare such relationships – ignored.
    Having a relationship with a planning applicant and then voting on his or her planning application – ignored.
    Being given free holidays by a planning applicant – ignored.
    Turning a blind eye to the illegal development of a donor to your party – ignored.
    Having your party campaign HQ in a a building with no planning permission – who also happens to be a donor to your party – ignored.
    Beating children with golf clubs – ignored.

    Baking cakes – highly illegal – 1 year in jail.

  5. don’t forget the bogus three and a half ton weight limit the tories stuck on devonshire road to win votes for themselves.

  6. rocket17
    don’t forget the bogus three and a half ton weight limit the tories stuck on devonshire road to win votes for themselves
    The weight limit was solely put in place to promote a lorry parking at West Thurrock for the benefit of ICG Ltd thanks to Garry Hague ,ICG Ltd donate regularly to the Thurrock Conservative Association fact
    Whilst were all are accusing the Tories of Thurrock of these deeds, we must remember without Thurrock’s legal Department they could not get away with it blatantly , after numerous complaints to legal Department which is itself a joke and in my belief purely in place to protect the Council regardless of the public’s perception of honesty, I have endeavored to report certain matters to the bar Association and I suggest others do the same I’ve been assured that they are monitoring the situation but who knows one thing is sure eventually everything will come out in the end


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