Thursday, December 8, 2022

West Tilbury WI: November report

PRESIDENT Margaret Clamp welcomed visitor Ann Jones to West Tilbury WI. Our speaker Brian Carline was then introduced and gave an entertaining talk on Gardening. He has written a book ‘Soil Sweat and Tears’ giving his experiences. He showed a variety of tools that he finds the most likely to do the easiest job for the best results.

One good tip on how to save Hosta’s from slugs is to surround the pot with a copper strip then put grit or sharp stones around the plant, another tip was how to keep cats from fouling the garden, they do not like the smell of a deep heat rub or Olbas Oil this can be put in their path. This was an enlightening and witty talk with a question and answer session the answers being rewarded with a pot plant.

The WI Centenary Celebrations are to take place at the Tilbury Festival Terminal in December 2014, Joanne Phillips has been asked to represent the WI in helping with this event.

Members were asked to support the Christmas Country Sale at West Tilbury Village Hall on November 23rd at 11.00am

The Competition: “Garden tips” was won by Joy Ridgewell

Raffle prizes were won by Margaret Ockendon, Lorna Jones and Hazel Green.

WI Christmas Meal will be in December. Meetings will resume on 7th January 2014


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