Thursday, December 1, 2022

Letter to editor: “Parking permits are anti-democratic”


I received a letter through my door this week from a Julie Nelder entitled: ” Proposed Residents Permit Parking Area Flowers Estate, South Ockendon”.

I urge you people to gain yourself a copy of this letter by asking Julie Nelder to send you one. Never in my life have I come across such arrogance. To make the decision that has been made without further consultation with all residents of this estate as promised. The estate has been split with the help of the Tory Councillors on this ward and along with the Labour councillor’s who do nothing, except councillor Sue Gray who organised the last meeting.

I for one have been told that Nicholas Close has not voted for this permit scheme and also three times I have asked for official results of the Estates Survey and have not received it!

This Council along with its ffficers are guilty of mis-conduct of democracy. They have divided to conquer and split the estate.

Julie Nelder knows full well the commuter parking will now shift into top end roads. This is forced by default on those who do not want the permits and they were the majority. The minority win and the council will make money in the long term!

Cllr Carr and especially Cllr Johnson have had this agenda for a few years now! The residents have shown in the past surveys that they do not want the permits by good majority and that was the same this time, although Thurrock Council and Julie Nelder deliberately held back those results so I cannot confirm one way or the other!

It seems that the decision has already been made without further consultation on this basis: “The results of the consultation have been analysed and it is clear that a number of residents are in support of a permit scheme being introduced. There were however, a number of residents who objected to the proposal.” Well, says it all doesn’t it, “hide the results and we can manipulate figures and just say what we want” !

The last meeting I was at the majority of hands showed no permit, those for it seemed to count on two hands!

Disgraceful is what I term, this is not democracy, it is dictatorial and you lot should be ashamed of yourselves for letting this happen!

Mr Chris Savill


  1. I agree with most of Chris Savill’s post. However, Sue Gray was complicit in the stitch up as it was she (Acting as Chair person)who behaved like a little Napoleon by not allowing the residents to properly have their say and it was she who treated the residents with contempt each time she threatened to shut the meeting down when things weren’t going the way of the Cllr’s.

    Thurrock Council created the parking problem and they are now going to get the residents to pay for it. And these political types wonder why fewer and fewer people turn out to vote.

  2. I don’t understand why Thurrock Council do not make the car park near the shops free to park considering its not that busy most days anyway. That way all the commuters can park in one place for free. I am sure that would make all sides happy. Maintainance costs should be low and with decent signage it should help to deter people from parking on the Flowers Estate.

    Another option could be to use a parcel of land on the other side of the railway bridge as a council car park with running costs met by the council and C2C.

  3. Unfortunately, Bernard87, even if the car park by the shops was free, people would still not choose to park there. Bizarrely, it is considered to be too far away even though those parking at the Mayflower end of Tamarisk are further away!

    I understand that the Council has spoken to C2C about creating a new car park but, whilst C2C were happy for the council to build one, they wanted to keep all the revenue for themselves. That’s what the Cllr’s at the public meeting earlier in the year told us anyway.

  4. Lunchtime parking restriction in all roads in vicinity of Ockendon station a la Chafford Hundred kills all the train commuter car parking in the area. Whilst also being very effective, it could also be policed very easily by Pippa the spy car. Common sense TC for once please.


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