Cupcakegate: No evidence of criminal activity as police close case

A POLICE INVESTIGATION into whether a Labour councillor committed a criminal offence by “treating” residents to cakes during a by-election campaign in Stifford Clays has been closed.

Essex Police informed YT that their investigation had not uncovered any criminal offences.

The statement will come as welcome news to newly elected councillor Sue Shinnick, who found herself the subject of national news.

According to sources, cllr Shinnick was shocked and upset to find that she could, if found guilty, face jail.

The initial complaint centred on an allegation that cllr Shinnick had, after serving tea and cakes to canvassers went over to a nearby sheltered accommodation and offered cakes to residents.

YT has also been informed by a well placed source that it was a little fruitcake.

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