Hail Gloriana! Val announces house-building project

SHE may or may not have the body of a weak and feeble woman but housing boss, Val Morris-Cook has announced plans to kick-start the house-building industry in Thurrock

The plans were given the go-ahead by Thurrock Council’s cabinet on Wednesday (13 November) evening.

Members agreed to delegate authority to the Chief Executive in consultation with Head of Legal to set up a company under the name “Gloriana Thurrock Ltd“.

Housing portfolio holder, Cllr Val Morris-Cook, said: “Thurrock is leading the way and this scheme is effectively being copies by other councils across the country.

“Local authorities are looking for ways to help their local people get off waiting lists and get into good quality homes.”

She said the report summarised the work which has been done to develop the business case to set up a wholly-owned housing company to build “new homes on council-owned land to meet the needs of Thurrock people”.

Cllr Morris-Cook added: “The objectives are quite simple: to build good homes for people in Thurrock; to create new jobs for people in Thurrock; and to kick start the stagnant house building market out there which is in danger of stopping us reaching our ambitious growth targets.

“We’re naming the company Gloriana because it is a name with some important local links.

“Benjamin Britten’s opera Gloriana was commissioned by the Royal Opera House to mark the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953. The name refers to Queen Elizabeth the first who was greeted by her troops at Tilbury with cries of “Gloriana, Gloriana, Gloriana”, after her famous Spanish Armada speech there in 1588.

“This company will create an exciting future in Thurrock, for Thurrock people, it is something we should at least shout about from the rooftops.

“I should also point out that all the financial assumptions made here are very cautious and all the legal documentation needed has been drafted. Best of all, our internal auditor has been involved in the detailed discussions  and has given the proposal a clean bill of health.

“The conclusion of the work set out in this report is that the business case is sound and the proposal deliverable.

“We are ready to go!”

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