Is Thurrock Labour “above the law”? asks Tory leader

THE LEADER of the Thurrock Conservatives, cllr Phil Anderson has responded to the attack on the Tories by council leader John Kent following the police decision that no offence had been committed by cllr Sue Shinnick over giving cake to potential voters.

Cllr Anderson said:

“Anyone involved in politics knows that offering food and drink to voters is against the law of this country. Thurrock Labour don’t seem to be denying that they broke the rules; their defence is that it was a simple mistake with no corrupt intentions behind it.

“We should be relieved that the police investigation has accepted this interpretation of events; I for one would rather see elections decided at the ballot box than in the courtroom.

“All that would have been needed to close the matter would have been a brief apology. Instead, Cllr Kent has chosen to launch a vicious political attack which suggests that Labour consider themselves to be above the law. To me that is far more disturbing than the original offence would ever have been”.

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