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Is Thurrock Labour “above the law”? asks Tory leader

THE LEADER of the Thurrock Conservatives, cllr Phil Anderson has responded to the attack on the Tories by council leader John Kent following the police decision that no offence had been committed by cllr Sue Shinnick over giving cake to potential voters.

Cllr Anderson said:

“Anyone involved in politics knows that offering food and drink to voters is against the law of this country. Thurrock Labour don’t seem to be denying that they broke the rules; their defence is that it was a simple mistake with no corrupt intentions behind it.

“We should be relieved that the police investigation has accepted this interpretation of events; I for one would rather see elections decided at the ballot box than in the courtroom.

“All that would have been needed to close the matter would have been a brief apology. Instead, Cllr Kent has chosen to launch a vicious political attack which suggests that Labour consider themselves to be above the law. To me that is far more disturbing than the original offence would ever have been”.


  1. On the basis of the last few headlines – I wouldn’t vote either Labour or Conservative in Thurrock. We want a Council which puts our area first – good quality services, protecting our green belt, fighting Thurrock’s corner. Instead, we get this week after week.

    I doubt Cllr Kent has issued a vicious political attack – I imagine he is fed up at having to spend time on this. Likewise, the Tories are probably irritated at the Labour candidate’s lack of knowledge of election law.

    The only other choice is UKIP – which I won’t vote for as I know through my work we would lose jobs if we exited Europe, much as it isn’t exactly a shining example of democracy in it’s day to day functions.

    What a choice! Who to vote for? No idea!!

  2. Yes, all very grown up of you Mr Anderson. However, in the same spirit, why couldn’t you have chosen, as a Party, to raise the issue at a Council meeting rather than go straight to the Police? You could have said that you noted the cakes issue and would hope that it was an oversight on the part of Labour which you would hope wouldn’t happen again. That would be a grown up response wouldn’t it?

    I am not surprised that Labour got the hump over this issue as, to anybody on the outside, it seems pretty clear that electoral fraud was not the intent of their goodwill gesture.

  3. This gentleman really is becoming a laughing stock locally.

    To think I have actually voted Conservative in the past – won’t again though. He really can’t see that local government is NOT about politics – it’s about doing what’s best for the community he seeks to serve.

  4. Unfortunately both parties are more concerned with petty political points scoring rather than working together to improve the lot of their electorate.
    They both need their heads banging together,enough is enough.The poor turn out at local elections is a direct result of the playground antics of our so called political class.

  5. Look left to right and right to left again. Can anyone spot the differences between Labour and Conservative in Thurrock.

  6. Cllr Anderson said:

    “Anyone involved in politics knows that offering food and drink to voters is against the law of this country. Thurrock Labour don’t seem to be denying that they broke the rules; their defence is that it was a simple mistake with no corrupt intentions behind it.

    And anyone knows that you do not sit down with land developers in hotels with out officers present and everyone knows you don’t sit on planning committees without declaring that you’ve known the person for 30 years and socialise with them a week before the application was heard and vote in its favour everybody knows you cannot make racialist comments against an ethnic minority and of course everybody knows you do not predetermined yourself when listening to a planning application and then make a comment, I did not take this application seriously

    Meeting of Corringham and Fobbing Forum
    Held on 13th May 2013 at 7.30pm in Corringham Fire Station
    Travellers have made formal application for retrospective planning permission today and so it will now go through the consultation process. PA confirmed that they’re all pushing Thurrock to take robust action against this illegal encampment. Councillors informed relevant departments immediately but unfortunately there was a period when the matter was passed to Essex who claimed the land was on their side of the boundary, but then decide a week later it was not, which was too late for the emergency court action. In the meantime the planning application now gives a further opportunity to turn it down and take enforcement action
    Labour consider themselves to be above the law

    If that’s your true appraisal of the situation about the Labour Party Thurrock

    What is your take on my comments above, please make one councillor Cup Cake

  7. superman – I hope no Councillor has ever been in a relationship, enjoyed hospitality and been given a free holiday by someone who later submits a planning application and they then vote to approve that application and fail to declare a prejudicial interest and leave the meeting.

    Or hand Council contracts to relatives – that would be naughty or stoen council artwork or hampers.

    If I sold whitewash I could make a fortune in certain parts of South Essex.

    However cupcakes to pensioners is reprehensible.


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