Saturday, April 20, 2024

Artists open their doors at High House

MANY of the 40 or so artists now working in the High House Artists’ Studios in Purfleet opened their doors to visitors on Saturday 16 November. There was a steady stream of interested people flowing through the recently opened building throughout the afternoon.

This was the first of such events organised by Acme Studios – who are behind the whole set up – which will be repeated regularly in the future.

All the artists opened the doors of their studios so that visitors could enter, see finished work, and talk about ongoing projects. It was a valuable opportunity to network with Thurrock locals and others from outside the borough. Lots of the visitors were simply family, friends and colleagues. And the artists got to talk with their fellow artists as well!

“It was a satisfyingly well-attended afternoon and we all felt it was an incredibly positive exercise,” said Tim Harrold, who helps to facilitate the Thurrock Art Trail. “We hope that as we create more opportunities like this, an oak tree will grow from the acorn that’s been planted here, and creativity across the borough will become more visible, increasingly accessible, enjoyed by many more people.”


  1. I went along last Saturday to the first open day. Very exciting, brilliant to have such artistic talent with us in Thurrock.


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