Calls for action over latest cllr Kiely controversy

ON THE agenda for the next meeting of Thurrock Council, is yet another question by the leader of the Thurrock Tories, cllr Phil Anderson regarding the Labour investigation into the conduct of Ockendon councillor, Aaron Kiely.

For the uninitiated, cllr Kiely was elected as a ward councillor for Ockendon in May 2011. He appeared to initially (a few months) enjoy the role but once he was elected as an officer for the National Union of Students, seems to appear infrequently at council meetings.

Cllr Kiely then attracted national publicity with his radical stance and poses, in particular, regarding the deportation of radical cleric, Abu Qatada amongst other matters.

Pressure was brought to bear. Council leader, John Kent informed the Tories et al that an investigation is going on within the Labour Party regarding cllr Kiely’s conduct.

There seems no end to this investigation but YT believes that the results may well come out around April 1st 2015.

Meanwhile, got in contact with YT as they were concerned regarding the presence of cllr Aaron Kiely at a meeting that was part of Stop Islamophobia Month held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) this week.

StandforPeace appeared to be concerned that the Ockendon councillor was sharing a platform with speakers such as Azad Ali and Dr Abdool Karim Vakil.

StandforPeace reports: “Azad Ali, who is linked to the fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe, was once suspended by the civil service for blog posts that appeared to refer supportively to the killing of British soldiers in Iraq. He lost a libel case against the Mail on Sunday in this regard with the judge, Justice Eady, finding that he “was indeed … taking the position that the killing of American and British troops in Iraq would be justified”.

Others would say, here are a number of men concerned about peace, truth, anti-racism and justice.

For the rest of the article, go to the website

Anti-extremism analyst Colin Cortbus said ” I am sure the voters of Thurrock will be horrified to see their councillor sharing a platform with vile and hateful figures like Azad Ali, who were sadly provided with an unbalanced and uncritical forum at the event.

“The vast majority of British Muslims do not share the sick anti-democratic ideologies supported by such people. In my view, Kiely’s conduct devalues the tolerant and progressive principles of the Labour party. I would urge council leader John Kent to strongly condemn Kiely’s conduct and take urgent party disciplinary action.”

We will wait and see what cllr Kent says on Wednesday evening and the month after that and the month after that etc…

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