Monday, May 29, 2023

Heath Place planning proposal: “Logical opportunity for Green Belt land release”

UPheath3 to 350 new homes including a significant level of affordable housing could be built for Chadwell St Mary and Orsett Heath under an outline planning application by CJC Development Co Ltd at ‘Heath Place’. The 15.7 hectare (38 acre) site lies east of Heath Road, adjacent to Greyhound Lane and the northern edge of Chadwell St Mary.

The proposals were informed by a comprehensive environmental impact assessment as well as consultation with those living in neighbouring areas, including a workshop in June and drop-in exhibition in October. Potential impacts on Green Belt, traffic, schools, healthcare, views and wildlife were some of the key issues raised via this consultation. In response CJC has designed a scheme which is well-integrated with the existing community, paying close attention to boundary treatment, landscaping, building heights and highway safety. The scheme provides a new park, play area for children and extensive green spaces, including an extension to Old House Wood and habitats for wildlife. Financial contributions to support local services and facilities are likely to approach £1.8m.

Jonathan Chastney, Director at CJC said “Given an acute shortage of housing in Thurrock the Council has accepted that additional land, including Green Belt, is required in order to meet the needs of Thurrock’s communities. In response, we have been urging Thurrock Council to carry out a comprehensive Green Belt review to identify the most appropriate sites for development. All our assessments point to Heath Place as being a logical opportunity for Green Belt land release, delivering new homes and wider benefits in an area already identified for growth as part of the Council’s adopted Core Strategy”.

As part of the formal planning process Thurrock Council will consult with residents and stakeholders on the plans and should make a decision by February 2014.


  1. I wonder if the views of the residents of Orsett Heath and Chadwell St Mary will make any difference to this application?
    No one wants this or CJC’s pathetic “carrots”!

  2. Looks a logical development to me too.

    I spent a verry happy 11 years in Orsett Heath when Billings built the lovely properties in Orsett Heath Crescent.

    I hope this developer has the same feeling for the area and builds properties we can be prounf of. Let’s face it, Thurrock needs them

  3. This is a terrible plan which will no doubt be passed as any large plan on green belt in Thurrock is passed regardless of the damage it does to existing residents quality of life.

    I have concluded that Thurrock should become a London Borough and all the houses for London and Essex should be dumped on every piece of land here as that is what seems to be happening already.

  4. The Superport is going to create a humongous number of jobs if we are to believe all the hype so these tens of thousands of workers have to live somewhere.

  5. thurrockorob – all your Councillors voted for it to be Council policy to build 15% of new homes in the Greenbelt and for it to be Council policy to actively identify areas of Greenbelt on ‘urban fringes’ that can be developed for housing. The developer is ticking all the boxes so far – holding public consultations before they even submit planning applications and promising lots of money for the community.

    Can you recall how the Conservatives promised they would defend Thurrock’s Green belt and slash Labour’s house building targets if they formed the next Government?

    The House building targets for Thurrock has increased and more and more developments on Thurrock’s GreenBelt are being voted through – and Conservative Councillors on the Planning Committee are voting for these developments – just look at the houses agreed in Aveley..

  6. People living in Thurrock need to accept the fact that the Tories have rolled over on immigration. They’re not going to stop it. Developers don’t want to develop brown field sites because of the costs. So the demand on housing created by Labour’s mass immgration policies which have been continued by the Tories will continue to grow and large swathes of the countryside will be concreted over to accommodate them.

    Unemployment will grow, the health service will eventually collapse under the strain, education standards will suffer with ever more resources required for children that can’t speak english. The wonders of mass immigration and being part of Europe are there for all to see.


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