Thursday, April 18, 2024

Polly slams Doyle-Price over violence against shop-workers bill

backthebillTHURROCK’S Labour candidate for parliament, Polly Billington has called on Jackie Doyle-Price to ‘Back the Bill’ to legally protect shop workers against violence and abuse.

The subject has been highlighted by Ms Billington after a bill was put before parliament to make it a specific offence to assault a shop worker.

Polly said: “I understand why shop workers like Linda would like more protection under the law. People facing the public in their daily work can be subject to abuse and assault.

“It is a risk associated with their work that the law currently doesn’t recognise. I welcome Usdaw’s campaign to ensure employees facing these risks on a daily basis have greater protection under the law.

It’s disappointing that Linda and many other workers like her here in Thurrock don’t have an MP who thinks workers facing the risk of assault deserve greater protection.

Grays Tesco Worker, Linda Hall told Polly: “When I was about 30 I was badly badly beaten up by shoplifters so I didn’t really want to get involved with shoplifters again. I was off work for a year and a half, so when this happened again a few month
ago I didn’t want to get involved, but you just do it is instinct.

A few months ago A man came behind the counter and took cigarettes and he shouted and me and told me to ‘shut my f***ing mouth’.

It was only afterwards when I realised what had happened that I realised how dangerous it was. I was really shook up and off for a couple of days I just didn’t want to come back behind the till and every time the door moved or someone moved near the door I would jump, I was on tender-hooks.

I’m just as vulnerable as the Police except they have truncheons. I would like to be protected by law because the man who
assaulted me just got away with it.”

Jackie Doyle Price tweeted a response when asked about the Bill:

“Police require more protection as they uphold the law, everyone else is entitled to the same protection.”


  1. That’s crazy. I assumed that everybody was entitled to the full protection of the law. Does this mean that I would be entitled to go into a branch of Tesco’s and punch any of their staff and the law couldn’t touch me?

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention, there’s some little irk who works for……..


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