Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Labour not listening over senior Thurrock Council pay say Tories

THURROCK Conservatives have called for a review of senior pay scales, after a report to full council recommended that new appointments continue to be made on the current rates despite a previous cross-party resolution calling for a 5% cut.

Deputy Conservative Leader, Councillor Rob Gledhill, said “In 2010 every Councillor present including Labour and UKIP voted for senior managers to take a 5% reduction in pay in line with Councillors. We knew that this couldn’t be enforced retrospectively, but now Labour are proposing to start making new appointments in line with the old pay scales.

The report was riddled with mistakes, missing information and was not clear where the claimed savings have come from. No mention was made in the report about the cost of payoffs and redundancies to achieve the ‘savings’ and the number of senior staff being shared with other Councils. One of Labour’s excuses was that they hadn’t had enough time to consider the proposal. In fact they have had three years to complete a review which they all voted for, but have done absolutely nothing.

This shows that they won’t listen to public concerns over senior pay and are not willing to be held accountable for the way taxpayers money is spent.”

Labour and UKIP voted against the Conservative amendment, which means that senior pay scales in Thurrock council will remain at their current levels.


  1. Pot, kettle and black spring to mind with Conservatives moaning about managers pay. Remind me what they did when they were in power?

    Is that the sound of tumbleweeds!


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