Thursday, December 1, 2022

MP questions “Integrity” over Aveley homes decision

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has called on planning minister Eric Pickles to veto controversial plans for 501 new homes on the site of the former London Fire Brigade sports and social club at Aveley reports the Thurrock Enquirer.

The application was approved, against the advice of officers, by a narrow majority of councillors at last month’s planning meeting. Those councillors who backed it said they were doing so primarily because of the community benefits including a £500,000 donation to Treetops School, contributions to new school places in the Borough, a £1m contribution to Aveley Community centre and provision of news sports pitches and changing rooms at Belhus Park.

However, Ms Doyle-Price believes the backing was misplaced and there is not sufficient reason to grant the special circumstances required to build in the greenbelt.

Writing to Mr Pickles, Ms Doyle-Price expressed her concerns that monies raised from Section 106 planning agreements on the site should be targeted locally, not across the borough.


  1. Perhaps she could be this vocal when Tory donors controversial planning applications get passed.

    Is that the sound of silence Jackie?

  2. Thurrock MP calls on Minister to veto Aveley homes bid

    “I would add that I am not sure that the process by which this decision was made has integrity. The agenda item was withdrawn and reinstated and the committee did not have the opportunity to hear representations from the local community.

    “There is a question therefore as to whether this application was fairly considered and whether it would get through a judicial review. It is essential that when controversial planning applications are considered they do go through due process,

    Whether the item was withdrawn and then reinstated is besides the point this was a supplementary and therefore nobody would have had permission to talk for or against this application or make representations

  3. “Writing to Mr Pickles, Ms Doyle-Price expressed her concerns that monies raised from Section 106 planning agreements on the site should be targeted locally, not across the borough”.

    What a shame the lady doesn’t takle the time to read the agenda papers for the meeting. If she did, she would have read that the proposed developer contributions under Section 106 planning agreements are::

    £2,554,250 – per the Council’s strategy for local services
    £500,000 for affordable housing – in Aveley, if required
    £500,000 for Education – in Aveley, if required
    £1,000,000 for Belhus Leisure Centre – in Aveley
    £800,000 for Aveley Village Community Centre – in Aveley
    £400,000 for local roads – in Aveley
    £500,000 for Treetops School – in Grays which serves local special needs children throughout the Borough.
    Perhaps Cllr Anderson briefed her.
    MPs want an 11% pay increase. Some aren’t worth a carrot.

    Coupled with the information about planning procedure, it seems to me JDP was spoonfed this information, and could have not possibly looked into the application herself, and if that is not the case I feel she needs to answer about her disingenuous comments which are quite clearly wrong

  5. Eric Pickles has a great record of rubber stamping planning applications in the Green Belt in Thurrock for hundreds and hundreds of new homes.

  6. Odd Councillor Terry Hipsey failed to mention his step-daughter works at Treetops and his decision is based on the Section 106 money, including the donation to Treetops. Should Councillor Terry Hipsey have voted on this planning application? Was the Collinson report a waste of time?


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