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Stanford resident blasts “Cash-Cow” CCTV car after being ticketed whilst “Still moving”

IT WAS another busy Monday (Nov 25th) morning for Stanford-le-Hope resident, Joseph Botton as he drove his children to St Joseph’s primary in Scratton Road.

Joe turned right into Hardie Road and then he looked for a spot to park. He spotted a gap and so reversed appropriately. Looking into his rear mirror he could see the Thurrock Council CCTV car but thought nothing more of it.

Joe stopped, let his daughters off and then drove back home.

So it came as a great surprise to Joe when, a few weeks later, he received a fixed penalty ticket from Thurrock Council.

The ticket stated that Joe’s offence was:

“Vehicle parked more than 50cm from the kerb and not within a designated parking bay”.

So, Joe looked at the photo and as clear as day, it shows Joe car. But Joe’s car with its reversing lights on.

Joe said: “How can I be given a parking ticket, when I did not actually park?”

Joe is still awaiting to hear the outcome of his appeal but he has spoken to YT and expressed his concerns regarding the use of the CCTV car.

Mr Botton said: “I have no problem with enforcement of cars parked on zig-zags, double yellow lines etc but on this occasion and on other occasions I have heard about the priority seems to be a desperate bid for income generation and not road safety.

“I am awaiting the outcome of my appeal but I do wonder how many people just pay?

“I would also like to ask who is (forgive the pun) driving this. Is this Thurrock Council, answerable to the taxpayer or Serco, answerable to their shareholders?”

Portfolio holder, cllr Angie Gaywood will be presenting a report on the CCTV car to the Thurrock Council cabinet this evening (Wed Dec 11th).



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