Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Jobs for locals part of “Vision for Tilbury”

A FOCUS on local jobs was stressed as the Thurrock Council bosses outlined their “Vision for Tilbury”.

Regeneration boss, cllr Andy Smith detailed how he had supported local councillors on this project which included community hubs, plans for the Civic Square.

Tilbury councillor, Lynn Worrall welcomed the report. She said: “I welcome the report as it is working with the community.

“The community hubs has a business case and it has gone forward, linking up with health and education.”

Cllr Worrall questioned the thousand jobs that had been mooted for the area.

She said: “Local people need jobs. There are plenty of people working in the Tilbury area but how many have come off our job centre lists.”

Cllr Smith said that they were working with the port management to ensure they would maximise potential for jobs for local people.

Council leader, cllr John Kent, went a stage further and suggested a map of where Thurrock Council officers live should be put onto the council website, so residents could see their commitment to the borough.

Deputy leader, cllr Barbara Rice stressed that there had been “life-changing” improvements to properties in Tilbury and that residents were absolutely thrilled.


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