Monday, May 27, 2024

Christmas spirit at Grays market

THE Christmas spirit came to Grays market when the fruit and veg stall donated a wonderful basket
of fruit to Thurrock Community Business Radio’s Steve Langsdale.

Steve said: “It’s great that people in Thurrock are so generous. I’m going to donate this basket to
Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions as sadly, not all the disabled people they support have generous friends
and families at this time of year”.

TLS have a couple of special people they will be handing the fruit over to later today.


  1. I’m guessing whoever was responsible for putting this story on-line had one sweet sherry too much!

    Happy New Year to all those at YT.

  2. Good to see this story now makes more sense, I can work out that, ‘assadly’, needs a space between the two, ss’s.

    Any chance of a job as a proof reader? LOL


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