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Traffic chaos in Thurrock following bridge closure


Update: 1945 hrs
Traffic seems to have cleared. Many are asking what on earth happened? We can only hazard at a guess but will have a go.
As opposed to a few days ago, when plenty of notice was given regarding the bridge closing, this time, the bridge was closed with hardly any notice.
Traffic was busy anyway, with a lot of shoppers heading to Lakeside. Traffic was building up from the Treacle Mine in Grays into Chafford Hundred and into Lakeside.
The bridge was shut and anarchy ensued.
Some people took rat runs such as South Road, Ockendon, North Stifford. These roads started to clog up. West Thurrock started to clog up.
The bridge re-opened but it takes hours for things to get back to normal. By that time, there was a four car shunt clockwise on the M25 just before the Lakeside turn-off (Jct 30).
It is basically a delicate ec0-system that cannot cope with such a problem.
Question is, will another bridge cure or exacerbate the problem?
Update: 1810 hrs
M25 Essex – One lane blocked and slow traffic on M25 anticlockwise at J30, A13 (Lakeside), because of an accident involving four vehicles.
Update 1735 hrs
Although the QE2 bridge has been open for two hours, there seems to be gridlock at Lakeside. Perhaps it is because so many vehicles are trying to get out at the same time. There is not an awful lot YT can do but just to re-assure you that we will keep you informed.
Update: 1720 hrs
M25 Essex – Queueing traffic on M25 clockwise at A282, QE2 Bridge, because of earlier high winds. Congestion to J29, A127 (Romford).
A13 Essex – Very slow traffic and long delays on A13 westbound between the A1012 junction and Lakeside.
B186 Essex – Very slow traffic earlier and long delays earlier on B186 South Road southbound in South Ockendon between the Buckles Lane junction and the Back Lane junction.
M25 Essex – Queueing traffic on the exit slip road on M25 clockwise at J30, A13 (Lakeside).
M25 Kent – M25 lane re-opened on entry slip road and slow traffic earlier anticlockwise at J1b, A282 (Dartford), because of an earlier broken down vehicle.
M25 Kent – Queueing traffic on M25 Dartford Tunnel anticlockwise from A282, Dartford River Crossing toll booths, because of earlier high winds. Congestion to J3, M20 (Swanley Interchange).
Update: 1525 hrs
Essex Police state that  QEII Bridge has now re-opened.
Update: 1525 hrs
South Ockenden-B186 South Road/Pilgrims Lane. Slow moving traffic southbound fron South Ockenden to A1306 as a result of the bridge closure.
Update 1520 hrs
Essex Police statement: Motorists are advised that the QEII Bridge has been closed due to forecasted high winds. Drivers are being diverted via the east bore tunnel to help maintain the flow of traffic, but congestion is expected so drivers are advised to seek alternative routes if possible or avoid the Thurrock and Dartford areas of Essex and Kent.
Update: 1445 hrs

A13 Westbound – Slow moving traffic from A1012 Stifford Clays Road to the M25. Delays not helped by the closure of the QE2 Bridge.

Update: 1445 hrs

West Thurrock Way. Slow moving in both directions around the Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Surrounding routes are also slow.

Update: 1410 hrs

Chafford Hundred – A1306 Arterial Road. Slow moving traffic in both directions from B186 Pilgrim’s Lane and the M25.

Update: 1345 hrs

M25 Kent – Two lanes closed and queueing traffic on M25 Dartford Tunnel anticlockwise from A282, Dartford River Crossing toll booths. Congestion to J3, M20 (Swanley Interchange).

Update: 1340 hrs

Slow traffic on A1306 Arterial Road North Stifford westbound in Thurrock between Treacle Mine Roundabout and Pilgrims Roundabout.

Incident: 1335 hrs

DUE to forecasted high winds the QE2 bridge is now CLOSED with a diversion via the east bore tunnel.

Expect long delays.

M25 closed and queueing traffic clockwise at A282, QE2 Bridge, because of High Winds.

Diversion in operation – through the East Bore of the Dartford Tunnel.

Congestion to J29, A127 (Romford).


  1. I searched this article trying to see the words “The barriers were lifted and tolls were suspended in order to help the situation”.
    Were the barriers lifted and the tolls suspended? If not, why not, I wonder?


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