Monday, March 4, 2024

Police set to explain why crimes remain unsolved.

CRIME statistics are to be overhauled in an attempt to allay public fears that many alleged offences are never properly investigated by police.

The new system will be phased in from the start of the new year in England and Wales.

Policing minister Damian Green told ITN that the revamped crime statistics will demonstrate the hard work the police force does.

Mr Green said: “Recording offences as ‘undetected’ leaves victims feeling neglected and police investigations misunderstood – it does not properly reflect police work and that is why we are scrapping it.

“By introducing new categories, the police will be able to demonstrate the hard work they do and increase public transparency in policing.”

This may be of comfort to Thurrock residents. Earlier this month, YT revealed that in a twelve month period, 94% if burglaries in Thurrock were unsolved. YT further revealed that in October 2013, only two out of 100 burglaries were solved.

Under a newly revamped crime statistics framework, there will be a series of category headings indicating why no action was taken in some cases.

They will include “prosecution prevented” on the grounds that a suspect has been identified but is below the age of criminality or is too ill to stand trial.



  1. A lot of crime does go undetected and no matter how much icing you put on the cake the fact still remains, some crimes are looked at by the police as too much of a hassle to investigate and leave it to the insurance companies (if you have them) to deal with.

    Motoring crime is a win win for the police as it is seen at the time, they don’t have to do any leg work to investigate it and can easily move onto the next one.

    Yes major crime will continue to be investigated as that is high profile but burglary, theft from person etc seems to fall into a dark hole and will only get looked at if there is a trend.

    I dont blame the police as they are now working to government targets and any crime that is easy to solve ticks the right boxes, also with the cuts in the service there are less staff to do the job


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