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Councillor and horse welfare group praise Mardyke decision

AN OCKENDON councillor and horse welfare organisations have praised the decision by Thurrock Council to remove horses from the Mardyke Valley.

Ockendon councillor, Lynn Carr has worked ceaselessly for the last month to find a resolution to the problem.

Cllr Carr said: “I am elated at the recent decision from the council to remove the horses from the Mardyke and allow grazing during the months of April to October and most definitely not in the winter months of November to March.

This was always about the welfare of the horses, the calls taken every winter by the welfare organisations, the police, fire service and Thurrock Council were overwhelming. This had to be addressed.

“The way forward was for a sensible solution created from talks with those concerned and those with knowledge and experience. This was finally achieved. My thanks to Mr Graham Farrant and his team who after some time realised there was a problem.

“I have many more questions concerning the Mardyke Valley project which I will address in time. I would however like to ask where the opinion advice and support was from the authorities administration on this very public matter”.

Chair of Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society (EHPPS), Sue Allery said:

“We at EHPPS too are happy, and immensely relieved, that, after many years of calls day after day in the winter months regarding the Mardyke horses, a sensible solution has now been reached.

“Perhaps now EHPPS and all the other welfare groups who get inundated with calls regarding this matter can now concentrate more on other areas where our services are required, than constantly monitor the situation of the Mardyke floods etc. This will free up a lot of our time and resources which can now be used in other areas where needed.

“EHPPS has been complaining to the officials at Thurrock Council for a good couple of years and recently stepped up the pressure as we had been met with complete and utter indifference to the plight of these horses.

“Thank goodness CEO Graham Farrant took over the reins this past week and dealt with the matter efficiently, sensitively and expediently.


  1. What a relief it is to all of us that those poor horses have to no longer live in those awful conditions. WELL DONE TO CLLR LYNN CARR!!!!! Previously I have never known who is my local Cllr. We need more like her, if any other local Cllr’s or even MP’s are reading this please take a leaf out of Cllr Carr’s book………..listen to the general public and act act act!!!! I genuinely feel that this agreement has not come about in the past as no one has pursued it in the way Cllr Carr has and what a wonderful outcome it is!! Thank you on behalf of all us horsey/animal lovers and of course the horses that will now survive and this is all down to you.

  2. Jackie Doyle-Price MP has gone on record stating these horses are destined for the horse meat trade. Where is her evidence that is in fact the eventual fate of all these horses?


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