Thursday, May 30, 2024

Army recruitment day in Grays

THE ARMY is holding a recruitment day in Grays on Friday.

The aim of the day is to hire more reservists.

Interested parties will be able to meet serving troops and gain key advice as to what to do next.

The army will be on Grays High Street between 10am and 3pm.


  1. This really takes the pee out of the current serving soldiers, the government have announced that they are cutting a further 3000 troops in 2014 and word is another 20000 by 2020 but they will be recruiting TA staff, what message does this send to those soldiers that are being made redundant.

    This country has already lost over half of its navy and in a recent story it took one of our vessels almost 24 hours to intercept a Russian warship that had set anchor just by the 30mile zone near Scotland.

    We have thinned down our air defenses also.

    With the turbulent times in a lot of countries who knows what may spark another all out war, unfortunately the UK would be unable to defend itself anymore.


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