Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Woolmer Philharmonic coming to the Civic Hall

THE WOOLMER Philharmonic Orchestra (WPO) will be performing at the Civic Hall in Grays on Thursday February 20th.

This event is a revolutionary undertaking, the sole premise being that music and dining can be merged and in fact enhance one another.

A spokesperson said: “The Woolmer Philharmonic wish to establish their concerts as social, luxurious and aesthetically enjoyable events. With this in mind, our programme for the premier concert has be tailored to the dining to create a once in a life-time night out. Please bear in mind that because of this, single movements will be performed from pieces that usually contain many movements.

The Woolmer Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by John Culley and is made up of Europe’s most dynamic and inspiring professional musicians.

The soloist for this event will be the Orchestra’s name-sake Violinist Hannah Woolmer.

YT spoke to John and Hannah to see how the preparations were going.



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