Friday, December 8, 2023

The Great Save the Corringham Green Belt Debate

A HISTORIC debate took place at Thurrock Council last night (Wednesday) when a member of the public led a debate into the issue of a planning application to build on the green belt in Corringham.

Having presented an authentic petition of 1500 signatures, Mr Malit Sandu led the debate with a five minute speech on the application.

He was then followed by a twenty minute debate in which councillors from a number of sides supported their cause.

What was perhaps significant was the word of caution by Independent East Tilbury councillor, John Purkiss who told the chamber that their greatest fight may be with the secretary of state, Eric Pickles.

Others pointed to the fact that the five councillors who voted in favour of a similar planning application (The Aveley Firemans Club application) did not speak.

Here is a fifteen minute film of the debate.



  1. Last night was a demonstration of the collective amnesia of hypocritical Labour and Conservative politicians.

    These very same Councillors pontificating about defending Thurrock’s precious Green Belt are the very same hypocritical Councillors that voted that 15% of the 18,500 new homes to be built in Thurrock (2775 homes) would be built in Thurrock’s Green Belt.

    These same pontificating hypocritical Councillors also voted that it be Thurrock Council policy to:- “continue to identify further sites within the Green Belt to allocate for residential development” and for “building to continue on the Green Belt where appropriate.”

    These same Councillors also voted for an additional 4750 dwellings above the 18500 already agreed to be built in Thurrock – so although the Local Development Framework plan identifies where 18500 homes go – it also prepares the way for an additional 4750 homes to be built – so at least 23250 homes will be built in Thurrock. Where will these additional 4750 homes go?

    These Councillors grand standing in front of residents and media about being defenders of Thurrock’s Green Belt have already voted for 2775 homes to be built in Thurrock’s Green belt and made it Thurrock Council policy to actively identify new sites in the Green Belt for many more new homes.

    This isn’t made up – it is in the Local Development Framework document. How these Councillors have the bare faced cheek to pontificate and lie about being defenders of the Green Belt when they have already voted to make it Thurrock Council policy to build on the Green belt and identify new sites in the Green Belt.

    Most residents though will just hear the hot air and froth of these Councillors being the defenders of the Green Belt and not dig deeper on what they have previosuly voted for.

  2. Councillor Anderson I think it’s brilliant that the community got together regarding the petition regarding Green belt, you go on about the 1500 signurtures that were raised,
    What happened to the 2000 petitioners wasn’t there plight good enough because you turned your back on those resident who cried out for help, because they was worried about the safety of their children and loved ones,(this was a large issue )for the residents the largest petition handed in to Thurrock Council, Councillor Anderson I feel you are a Hypocrite and you are making a mockery against those 2000 residents, furthermore you voted for the most two national importance sites in the local development framework biodiversity sites in Thurrock you and all the other councillors bang on about green belt these two sites are of national importance you voted for regeneration for these two sites houses and industrial ARENA ESSEX (houses)National Red Data- Essex Botany and Mycology Groups Data books recorded from essex Arena Arkesdan plant possibly native- Anisantha
    I believe a lorry Park or some sort of development for ICG perhaps
    .. species of national importance inhabiting the site
    The creation of the ash lagoons subsequently attracted a range of wildlife, in particular migratory birds and waterfowl. As a result the site was designated (Under the provisions of the Wildlife Countryside Act 1981) as a Site of Special Wildlife Interest. This designation was made prior to 1993

    How can any of you councillors try and stop development in the green belt when you voted for national importance sites

  3. councillor Anderson the residents in Thurrock support it because I went to the forum meeting, it’s good for tree tops school and the local community. Our children are leaving Thurrock because there is no affordable housing, this site has affordable housing which is needed In Thurrock. I believe there will be three thousand homes in greenbelt which you voted for in the LDF behind closed doors. The whole point in democracy is members voting for what the residents want. And that is what the planning committee did.


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