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Business profile: Fitness and family for Veronica

veronicaAS part of a series of business profiles, we sent Tanya McPherson down to interview Thurrock fitness guru, Veronica Briones.

Needless to say, Veronica was in between sessions at Absalute Gym in West Thurrock, whilst having an eye on the clock, when she would pick up her two children!

With the launch of the Thurrock business awards we have had the opportunity to talk to award winning entrepreneur Veronica Briones.

As a young women, Veronica Briones wasn’t comfortable about her appearance and so decided to go to gyms and get involved in fitness and has loved it ever since.

This, alongside Veronica’s passion for teaching, sparked the idea to set up her very own freestyle dance school, Dancemode! This was running for seven years before being sold late last year due to family commitments.

During the seven years Veronica won “Young entrepreneur of 2009”. Veronica told us: “I really wasn’t expecting it as all I thought I was doing was running a dance school.”

The award opened doors for Veronica as it made her more respected, gave her recognition and made her chances of sponsorship increase.

During the seven years, not only did she win this prestigious award but Veronica Briones became Veronica Wilde when she married.

Unfortunately for Veronica as the business got bigger it also became more time consuming. Veronica was working seven days a week, seven hours a day.

She sold Dancemode, as she now has a family that, when setting up the business seven years ago, she didn’t.

As well as now being married, Veronica has two young children (aged 1 and 3). Veronica told us: “It really was a struggle to juggle home life and work”.

Dancemode is still running under the new name of Dancemode Thurrock and the new management of Georgina O’Brien, Dancemode is an after school club based in most primary schools in Thurrock.

Despite stepping back Veronica didn’t quit completely, Veronica is now Dance Mode licensees’ manager. Veronica helps those who want to become a qualified dance teacher as a mentor.

She also is still involved in her fitness as a qualified personal trainer and a qualified pre and postnatal trainer. As well as this Veronica’s personal goal for this year is to compete in Miss Galaxy an only women’s fitness competition.

Veronica said “I believe if you really train hard you can achieve anything you want”.

If you are interested in personal training or dance mode please look on her personal website:

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