Sunday, September 24, 2023

Palmer’s College fears for future as Gove’s free school support could cost them dear.

PALMER’S COLLEGE has joined other sixth form colleges around the country in expressing their fear that cash earmarked for them has been given to free schools instead.

In a recent article in The Independent some college feared that core A level courses could be cut, class sizes increased and jobs shed as a consequence of the plans by controversial education minister Michael Gove to support free schools.

And this appears to resonate in Thurrock as Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has made a passionate case for a secondary free school in Chafford Hundred.

Principal of Palmer’s College, Mark Vinall said:

“The article in the Independent is an accurate reflection of the issue and it has cost us money that was earmarked for 18+ learners.

“Last week I wrote to Jackie Doyle-Price MP to explain to her the problem.

We have not cut classes, nor reduced staffing because we are part way through the year and will do nothing to adversely affect students. Class sizes remain in line with our optimum level for viability.

However, we are now planning the timetable for 2014/15 and would urge politicians to rethink this set of cuts that are damaging the most needy.

Sixth Form Colleges deliver excellent value for money, something that, in a recession one would have thought was important.”


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