Why does Chafford Hundred suffer from so much anti-social behaviour?

EARLIER THIS week, South Chafford councillor and, dare we say, community champion, Tunde Ojetola announced: “Enough is enough” after a young girl was mugged in Chafford Hundred.

YT is aware of crime reports from across the borough and is conscious of not exaggerating any particular activity. So, we thought we would look at the crime statistics and then take it from there.

According to police.uk, there were 87 crimes recorded in Chafford Hundred. 35 of them were in relation to anti-social behaviour.

They happened in the following streets:

1. Southwell Close
2. Hedingham Road
3. Sewell Close
4. Bark Burr Road
5. Courtney Drive
6. Duffield Drive
7. Camden Road
8. Cardinal Road
9. Clockhouse Lane
10.Douglas Close
11.Sachfield Drive
13.Sachfield Drive
14.Sachfield Drive
15.Phillip Sydney Road
16 Delvin Close
18.Harrington Crescent
19.Donella Close
20.Grifon Close
21.Howard Road
22.Arterial Road
23.Near A1306
24.Near A1306
25.Sport Recreation area
26.Sport Recreation area
27.Sport Recreation area
28.San Juan Drive
29.Saffron Road
30.Kershaw Close
31.Fleming Road
32.Fleming Road
33.Fleming Road
34.Francisco Close
35.Victory Close

This compares to 11 offences in Stanford-le-Hope and 22 in Tilbury. We also went to another part of the county and looked at an area very similar to Chafford Hundred. We chose Church Langley in Harlow. Although the population is half the size, they have had only 6 incidents if anti-social behaviour.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to speak to a number of stakeholders in the Chafford Hundred community and ask them what they are doing and/or what they think can be done to address this issue.

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