Sunday, March 3, 2024

Street Lights staying on in Thurrock

OUR SISTER paper, can tell you that there is a great deal of anger and concern in Harlow regarding the street lights going off next month.

However, Thurrock Council has pledged that this will not be the case in the borough.

Portfolio holder for Transport, cllr Andy Smith told full council: “We will not be doing it.

“There has been frightening results because of it, including an increase in crime.

“We’re fortunate that we’re not run by Essex County Council, as we’d be in the dark by now. We’ll be keeping our lights on.”


  1. Andy Smith is talking a load of rubbish, as always.

    There has been no evidence found that switching lights off at night leads to an increase in crime considering most crimes take place through the day. What street light do is give people a sense of safety late at night, which is a good thing.

    I do think there is some merit in switching street lights off on side roads and along the A13 in Thurrock. It saves money, saves energy and in some places between midnight and 6am there really is no one walking about. Where Essex County Council have got it wrong is that they have turned lights off outside of stations, on High Streets and on some dodgy road junctions but I understand they are reviewing if certain lights need to go back on in certain places.

    As for the last part of Cllr Smiths comments…..I would take being run by Tory ECC all day rather than by the current Labour group who are utterly useless

  2. Superman
    The current Labour administration are too scared to make any decisions .

    Not sure what “nearly bankrupt” means though, you either are bankrupt or you are not and I think in the case of a council the wording used would probably be “insolvent ” rather than bankrupt, and I have researched and the council had reserves at all times during Cllr Hagues reign so nowhere near being insolvent.However if you have proof of insolvency perhaps you should let the Official receivers Office know.

  3. The point of this article was about the lights in Thurrock being kept on during night time.
    It makes common sense to me, health and safety!


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