Monday, March 27, 2023

Planning Inquiry set for 500 homes bid in Aveley

YT understands that the secretary of state, Eric Pickles has agreed to a planning inquiry in respect of a bid to build 501 homes in Aveley.

In November, the planning committee at Thurrock Council approved the plan.

This plan then went forward to the government but before they could do this, the local MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, stepped in to voice her objections, support a petition and get the issue “Called in”.

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  1. Help us to overturn this decision
    Dear resident,
    I have written to the secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to request that he rejects the planning application for housing to be built on the site of the Fire Brigade sports and social club in Aveley.
    The application, which has received considerable opposition from local residents controversially passed through the planning committee, despite the application being on a site which has not been allocated for housing development in the Borough’s local development plan. The application was approved by the planning committee despite officers recommending the application being refused.
    The impact of this development on the community of Aveley will be significant and it should be the case that their immediate community is the beneficiary of any monies which are agreed through planning gain as a consequence of this development. I would add that I’m not sure that the process by which this decision was made has integrity. The agenda item was withdrawn and reinstated and the committee did not have the opportunity to hear representations from the local community. There is a question therefore as to whether this application was fairly considered and whether it would get through a judicial review. It is essential that when controversial planning applications are considered they do go through due process. I have therefore written to the Secretary of State to request that he does not give approval to this application.
    I have been working closely with your local councillor Maureen Pearce and a local resident Teresa Webster to highlight the local community’s opposition to this development. We would be grateful if you could sign our petition to add your support as we demand that the Secretary of State reject this decision
    Yours sincerely
    Jackie Doyle-Price
    Member of Parliament for Thurrock

    The Petition

  2. Odd Councillor Terry Hipsey failed to mention his step-daughter works at Treetops and his decision is based on the Section 106 money, including the donation to Treetops. Should Councillor Terry Hipsey have voted on this planning application? Was the Collinson report a waste of time?


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