Saturday, March 2, 2024

Labour motion praising Treetops School passed at council

A MOTION praising the work of Treetops School was passed at full council last night (Wednesday).

The motion was proposed by Stanford councillor Terry Hipsey and seconded by Stifford Clays councillor, Angie Gaywood.

A number of councillors from across the political divide praised the school for its achievements, achievements that have been given the school a national reputation.

Conspiracy theorists had questioned whether the motion was connected in any shape or form with the controversial planning application for 501 homes in Aveley, which is now subject to a public inquiry. The application has proposed allocating a portion of its Section 106 (infrastructure) money to the school in order for them to build a sports hall.

Perhaps with that in mind, Blackshot councillor, Joy Redsell supported the motion but pointed out that there are other special needs schools in the borough…



  1. Of course Councillor Terry Hipsey would praise Treetops. After all his step daughter works there. Odd he failed to mention his step-daughter works at Treetops when he voted for 501 homes to be built on the old Firemans site in Aveley. A decision Councillor Hipsey is on record as saying is based on the Section 106 money, including the donation to Treetops. Should Councillor Terry Hipsey have voted on this planning application? Was the Collinson report a waste of time?

  2. Weltanschauung. Treetops school is doing an amazing job and ALL their staff deserve as much praise and gratitude the community can give. I can’t see why your comment brings anything to the article other than petty snideness. Shame on you


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