Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Paul to cycle WW1 battlefields for Help4Heroes

help4cycleTHURROCK businessman, Paul Smith-Allen is heading off on a major bike ride for charity.

Paul will be cycling 335 miles from Brussels to Paris, passing the WW1 battlefields in order to raise money for Help for Heroes.

The cycle takes place on the 1st to the 8th June this year.

Paul said: “Maybe you have family or friends who have served in our National Forces, or may even be overseas on duty at the present time? Even if you don’t you’ll almost certainly know someone who has, and you’ll be hard pushed to avoid the news of the regular stream of casualties across the various media channels (and these are just the ones that make the national news)

“I believe that it is important to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, who have been wounded in the service of our country, or have made the ultimate sacrifice and whose families need help and support. We take our limbs, our sight, and our hearing for granted. Spending a week in the company of those for whom such things have been taken away, will be a humbling experience for me.

“My fund-raising target is a minimum of £2,600, and I need to raise at least £1,200 by 7th March, so please be as generous as you possible can.

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