Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Tories to make another bid to stop “London borough of Thurrock, Barking and Dagenham”

THE THURROCK Conservatives believe that the issue matters to the voters of Thurrock and they say that it contributed to their improved performance in the Stifford Clays by-election back in November, 2013.

And so, in the last council meeting of the civic year, next Wednesday (March 26th), in what has effectively been a two year cycle, the leader of the Conservative group in Thurrock, cllr Phil Anderson has proposed as motion that aims to ensure that the relationship between Thurrock Council and Barking and Dagenham Council goes no further.

The motion states:

“This council affirms its decision of 28th November 2012 not to pursue Joint Management between Thurrock Council and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, and commits not to make any further shared management arrangements between the two authorities.”

Needless to say, council boss John Kent will point out the growing number of council’s that Thurrock share services with however, he has not convinced the Tories, who feel that they have, a definite line of inquiry.


  1. Scare tactics or not, there are many people in Thurrock who would rather our council not be linked with a borough such as Barking and Dagenham.

    My main reason is that the councillors in that borough have presided over a deliberate gross decline in those areas over the last decade. Thurrock needs to look north and east if it wants to form links with councils. What next, a link with Newham?…also another one party (Labour) state.

  2. The fact is the Labour party ruined Thurrock When they were last in government. They didn’t have the guts to do it themselves. They invented an unelected body to do their dirty work for them, TTGDC. Then the council employed them all, as a kick back I suppose for their stirling work.

    Labour knew they had to develop eastwards to house their millions of immigrants. Now Kent and the gang want to concrete over Thurrock greenbelt to so that their voters can come and live in Thurrock and make it the nice safe Labour seat it always used to be.

    Why any English person with a working brain cell would vote for them is trully mind boggling. Turkeys and christmas.

  3. No Voice.
    TC have just rejected the application to build 350 houses on Orsett Heath, and they also rejected the idea of another motorway river crossing through Thurrock.

  4. And they still plan to increase the housing stock in Thurrock by a third. Make no mistake, the planning laws will be changed to allow building on green belt. It is inevitable.

    We have spent 10 years where population growth has outstripped house building by over 300% per year. That is why there is no stopping the increase in house prices.

    Yet still the Labour party and the Lib Dems champion mass immigration as a good thing.

    The damage is done and it can’t be reversed. Trying to twin us with Barking is simply Kent’s Party’s logical plan to turn Thurrock into the sh1tholes on our doorstep to the West.

  5. Get in there. Give him a drum roll and a rattle on the cymbal. I rest my case about Turkeys and christmas. Reading your comments is a joy Rocket1. You are the epitomy of the swivel eyed loons on the left. You re-enforce the perception that people have of the stereotypical socialist. I take it you’ve finished signing on. Now we can enjoy your witticisms here. Have you finished calling Snakebiteuk a scrounger. A bit odd for you considering your views on council housing, the bedroom tax etc. Still maybe we’re converting you and you’re turning into a capitalist after all. Have a nice day.

  6. it shows how totally bankrupt of ideas thurrock conservatives are that ming the merciless anderson has to dredge this old chestnut up,thurrock are merely sharing a few services with surrounding boroughs which is a money saving move suggested by the conservative government.

  7. So why is it that the furry cuddly Labour party can’t make agreements with councils in Essex. I know Mr Kent and I know how dismissive the local Labour clique are. It’s all about money and influence Rocked1. Ask the local Labour party about their support for sister Polly.

  8. Rocket wont be so supportive when Grays finally does turn into Barking (It’s on the right road). He’ll probably move to a safe Tory area by then where they don’t deliberately try to ruin areas.

  9. rocket1, you’ve just called Bernard87 and NoVoice xenophobic nutters. Did you know that xenophobia is “intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries”? In which case, as they were both talking about Barking and Dagenham, you too think both of those towns are like foreign places! Therefore, you’ve just conceded the argument! Well played.

  10. More worrying I would of thought is the colossal waste of senior management time, which might be better spent on schools, bins and housing services. The New Local Government Network estimates that sharing services only saves on average 1.8% of a Council’s spending. That’s not a lot compared to all the time managers are spending on the project, and local people don’t see any tangible improvements to services as a result.

  11. The Conservatives obviously think there are enough thick and stupid people who will fall for this nonsense that they will once again repeat these lies as one of there main planks of their local election campaign.

    Thurrock Conservatives are obviously big fans of Joseph Goebbels:-

    ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Thurrock Conservatives are lying and they keep repeating the lie. Gullible people believe the lie. The Conservatives hope to gain seats in the forthcoming local elections by lying to the electorate.

  12. Can anyone name another council on the borders of Thurrock Council that has the same political make up as Barking and Dagenham? I think the cynicism surrounding these deals is well founded. The good old socialists helping each other out, fudging the edges of any deal to ensure nobody knows the real benefits, I doubt there are any, to the residents of Thurrock. It’s a good old socialist stitch up probably designed to ensure both parties involved can artificially manipulate their management costs so they can pretend they have an efficient management structure in place when the reality is probably the exact opposite.

  13. Wake up mp’s, if we are a London borough, our house prices will increase, our area will be better known. Just about everyone would rather be known as a London borough than an Essex borough. At the end of the day, it should of happened earlier than this because we are a Thames borough so why can’t we be known as London? It’s hardly going to change our life’s forever.


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